Home Stay with Elephants 3 days / 2 nights

Day 1

09.00 am: Pick you up at hotel in city
09.45 am: Arrive at Thai Elephant Care Center. Warm welcome and briefing with our staffs. Check in Homestay at Elephant Camp.
10.30 am: Introduction is about elderly elephants and take you around, explain what activities you will care for elephants for 3 days.
11.15 am: Learn how to prepare ingredients to make a natural medicine and make herb balls to feedthe elephants.
12.00 am: Take the elephant for mud spa and dry about 1 hr. Lunch at Elephant Camp.
13.30 pm: Take the elephant to the waterfall for cleaning and you can bathing with the elephant.
14.30 pm: Basic health care treatment and relaxing
15.30 pm: Feeding food for elephants
16.00 pm: Take the elephant to the jungle for overnight
17.00 pm: Cleaning Elephants Residence. Dinner and overnight at Thai Elephant Care Center Homestay. Overnight at Thai Elephant Care Center Homestay.

Day 2

07.00 am: Breakfast at Elephant Camp.
08.00 am: Checking, preparing and cleaning at elephant residence.
09.00 am: Take the elephant form the jungle to the camp.
09.30 am: Feeding food for the elephants.
10.00 am: Learn how to prepare snacks made from herbs to feed the elephants.
11.30 am: Elephant mud spa.
12.00 am: Lunch at Elephant Camp.
13.00 pm: Bathing with the elephants.
14.00 pm: Basic health care and treatment, walking exercise
15.00 pm: Learning how to make paper from the elephant dunk
16.00 pm: Feeding food and snack for elephants
16.30 pm: Take the elephants to the jungle for overnight.
17.00 pm: Dinner. Overnight at Thai Elephant Care Center Homestay.

There are 2 options: Dinner at The Elephant Camp or Learn cooking class, two dishes and dessert

Day 3

07.00 am: Visit local market and find something for breakfast.
08.30 am: Checking, preparing and cleaning for elephant residence.
09.00 am: Today, you will prepare and cook herbs and food for the elephants by yourself.
10.00 am: Feeding food for elephants.
10.30 am: Visit The Memorial Cemetery Elephant.
11.00 am: Planting vegetables and herbs for elephants.
12.00 am: Lunch at elephant camp.
13.00 pm: Elephant mud spa and bathing.
14.00 pm: Farwell party with elderly elephants.
14.30 pm: Check out from Homestay and transfer back to the your hotel

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