Wilai is a private tour guide operating in Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand.Wilai is originally from Mae Sarieng in Mae Hong Son Province and was born into and raised by her Karen family. She gained a scholarship for her education by missionaries in Mae Sariang and Chiang Mai and then graduated in Tourism from Maejo University in Chiangmai.

Since then she has worked as a tour guide around Thailand for more than 20 years, gaining invaluable all round experience in tourism and an excellent knowledge of the English language.

She realized that it is time to return to her hometown where her roots are and promote her own culture to all visitors, whilst also teaching the new generations to preserve their own culture.

Using her considerable experience in tourism and excellent knowledge of the area and it’s culture, she now wishes to help people from many different parts of the world to learn the true beauties of her homeland and the way of life here..