• Mae Sariang outside Chiang Mai.
  • Walking street in Mae Sariang, Thailand.
  • Mae Sariang Lifestyle
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  • Elephants bathing

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  • Local village

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  • Buddhist Temple in the countryside



Mae Sariang is a charming and quiet town in Mae Hong Son province, on route 108 for 195 kilometres south of Chiang Mai. The town is relatively unknown to the majority of tourists and is situated in a lovely valley surrounded by the rice fields, in a very productive farming community.

With the diversity of different Ethnic groups such as Shan , Karen and Hmong People. Multicultural and primitive lives makes Mae Sariang more colourful and more interesting. In this valley the people live together harmoniously.

With pure nature such as caves, rivers and local people MAE SARIANG is waiting for you to experience and learn.

“Escape from the crowded city and busy life to Mae Sariang”